Online Group Fitness Coaching Program

Bridge the gap between certification and putting things into practice! What we learn in the Group Fitness Course is challenging to apply in a class setting. This ONLINE program is specifically designed for new and veteran instructors to help fill the gaps that group fitness instructors often experience. For new instructors, you’ll experience a mentorship process that gives you specific instructions on how to improve based on individual circumstances. For veterans, you’ll learn how to expand into uncharted areas of fitness and to take your class guests from participant to lifelong follower. In this 6-week discovery, you’ll receive ongoing email/phone support, direct feedback on your skills and bite-sized weekly lessons on topics such as: How to Create Your Class Flow and Musicality. You’ll get insider tips and tricks of simple things to apply to your professional career that will help you stand out and position yourself as an established Fitness Professional in the industry.
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