D.A.N.I. Productions

D.A.N.I. Productions is proud to serve the community and next generation of creativity through dance, yoga and imagination!
D.A.N.I. stands for Dancing, Acting, Nurturing & Influencing and through this mission, Dani is able to connect with children and teens in ways unparalleled. She injects her extensive dance background and fitness education into her sacred work with her students, creating space for the students to find the joy through body movement. She specializes in kids dance (hip hop/grooving), kids yoga and yoga conditioning for dancers, nurturing the students to celebrate their bodies with laughter and love. She has worked in both the public and private school sectors for children and teen programming. There are 2 different syllabi offering selected programming tailored to you and your school’s needs:

Program 1:

Dance or Yoga classes part of Physical Education
Expand your class syllabus and introduce your students to a variety of dance styles through this program. Dani will take the class through simple hip hop moves, slowly layering the moves to a full class combo. For yoga, Dani will tailor the asanas to the beginner “yogi”. These are great as individual one-off classes or part of a collection of classes throughout the dance or P.E. unit.

Program 2:

Dance Performance
A results-oriented program, this weekly dance camp ends with a performance for the school and parents. Age-appropriate music is carefully chosen and the choreography is specific to the division of classes (whether by grades or blocks). Students take the week to learn the choreography and the performance is tied together through a theme/story to captivate the audience and highlight each individual’s ability to shine.

Program 3:

Yoga Conditioning for Dancers
Allow your dance students to expand and strengthen their skills through this yoga fusion class. The focus is on training the dancer how to correctly engage the core and lengthen the muscles as they contract, encouraging self-exploration/body awareness and minimizing the potential for injury. Class starts and finishes with meditation & savasana, which positively impacts the student’s focus, breath and stress management abilities. This class can be offered during a school block or after school hours, depending on program needs/goals.

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